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Copywriting Services

I've worked on loads of different writing projects for major brands, film makers, publishing companies and beyond. Below are just some of the different types of writing I specialise in.

Comedic copy

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Looking to engage readers and make them laugh? Comedic copy that reads as though it isn't trying too hard is tough. I specialise in funny writing that has been described as 'the funniest thing I have ever read' by one very kind reviewer who I promise wasn't my mum.

I'm comfortable ghostwriting if that's your jam and I've also written about ghosts. So I'm a double whammy if you need a ghostwriter to write about ghosts.


Image by Waldemar

I've written scripts for YouTube, film, TV and radio, with a particular passion and skill for comedy and horror.

SEO copy

Image by NisonCo PR and SEO

Think asking ChatGPT to write your blog copy is a good, cost-saving idea? Well, it'll be cost-saving, but it's not a good idea.

I've written SEO-focused blog content for clients in travel, lifestyle, FMCG, healthcare, entertainment and more.

If you're after engaging, well-researched copy, then why not hit me up?

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